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oak tree louisiana

Oak trees of different species grow native in Louisiana, from the fertile bottomlands and wetlands to the drier uplands of slightly higher. The Seven Sisters Oak is the largest certified southern live oak tree. Located in Mandeville, Louisiana, it is estimated to be up to 1, years old with a trunk that. Nr, Tree species, Girth, Location, Measurement, Year. 1, Quercus virginiana (Southern live oak), m, Josephine Armstrong Stewart, Oak Alley Plantation. White Oak, near Thibodaux LA. Baldcypress are essential to southeastern wetland areas. A long lived tree species, it is not uncommon to. Quercus rubra, Red Oak S1S3. The existence of this ancient oak in and its prominent size is believed to have been a primary reason for the selection of the site on which the first Cathedral of St. Quercus laevis, Turkey Oak. Also the official State Tree, baldcypress trees are found in wetlands of all types and are an important component of the forests.

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This is not a complete list of all native tree families and species found in Louisiana. Southern magnolias are also common throughout. Join our email list. If the Cathedral oak was years old in , then it would have been almost years in instead of the year estimate that Dr. We will continue—with the help of the individuals and organizations who have planted, tended and admired the trees for generations—to document the survivors and the deceased, in order to raise awareness of the importance of these icons for current and future generations. oak tree louisiana


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